Robin Hood Dumbo

  |  Buy to Own: 07/05/2007
  |  169 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Robin Hood Dumbo Film Poster


Double bill featuring two popular animated adventures. 'Robin Hood' (1973) is the Disney animated version of the Robin Hood tale, with Robin characterised as a fox, Allan-a-Dale a rooster, Little John a bear, Friar Tuck a badger and the Sheriff of Nottingham a wolf. Robin and his merry band rob from the rich and give to the poor while England is ruled by the corrupt King John (voiced by Peter Ustinov) - whose snake advisor Hiss looks and sounds suspiciously like Terry-Thomas. In 'Dumbo' (1941), baby circus elephant Dumbo is mocked by all the other animals because of his enormous ears. However, when he is befriended by Timothy Mouse (voiced by Edward Brophy) Dumbo discovers a new use for his outsized organs of hearing - they give him the ability to fly. Frank Churchill and Oliver Wallace's score won an Oscar.