Robotech - New Generation - Complete Collection

  |  Buy to Own: 02/04/2007
  |  561 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


All 25 episodes from the third and final act of the original Robotech series. An advance rescue mission mounted by the Mars Base Division of the Robotech Expeditionary Forces is wiped out by the Invid, a powerful and mysterious alien race. Scott Bernard, one of the few survivors of the battle, leads a colourful band of freedom fighters in a campaign to seek out and destroy Reflex Point, the Invid Stronghold. Episodes are: 'The Invid Invasion', 'The Lost City', 'Lonely Soldier Boy', 'Survival', 'Curtain Call', 'Hard Times', 'Paper Hero', 'Eulogy', 'The Genesis Pits', 'Enter Marlene', 'The Secret Route', 'The Fortress', 'Sandstorm', 'Annie's Wedding', 'Separate Ways', 'Metamorphosis', 'The Midnight Sun', 'Ghost Town', 'Frost Bite', 'Birthday Blues', 'Hired Gun', 'The Big Apple', 'Reflex Point', 'Dark Finale' and 'Symphony of Light'.