Roger Corman: The Collection

  |  Buy to Own: 15/09/2008
  |  485 min
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Collection of six films directed by the B-movie maestro, Roger Corman. In 'Five Guns West' (1955), John Lund, Dorothy Malone and Touch Connors star in R. Wright Campbell's rugged tale of five outlaws whose next stop is the gallows - unless they take on a dangerous mission. Agreeing to hijack a stagecoach carrying a traitor and $30,000 in gold, the gang brave hostile Comanches and a rivalry brought on by the presence of a beautiful woman (Malone). But when their uneasy alliance dissolves, the only thing any of the men can trust is his own six-shooter. In 'Gunslinger' (1956), after her husband is shot, Rose Hood (Beverly Garland) takes his place as the Sheriff of a small Western town. In 'The Haunted Palace' (1963), a man arrives in a New England town to lay claim to a castle he's inherited. He finds the town populated by mutants and the castle possessed by an ancestor's evil spell. In 'Premature Burial' (1962), the fear of being buried alive has had a hold over Guy Carrell (Ray Milland) all of his life. To try and overcome his fear he decides to open his father's tomb, only to be shocked into a catatonic state and have his worst fear realised. In 'Masque of the Red Death' (1964), while the plague rages throughout Europe, sadistic Italian prince Prospero (Vincent Price) dallies with devil worship. To entertain his fellow Satanists, Prospero hosts a lavish ball in the confines of his castle, but the wanton revelries sour when an uninvited guest arrives - Death himself. Finally, in 'Wild Angels' (1966), Peter Fonda and Bruce Dern play two Hell's Angels whose wild lifestyles eventually catch up with them.