Romantic Comedy Collection

  |  Buy to Own: 16/02/2004
  |  511 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


A romantic comedy selection of five films. In 'The Wedding Tackle' (2000), Hal (James Purefoy) wants out of his imminent wedding to Vinni (Susan Vidler), and on his all-day stag night asks his pal Mr Mac (Adrian Dunbar) to seduce her so he can catch them in flagrante. Little does Hal know that his friend and Vinni's ex-boyfriend, Little Ted (Tony Slattery), has his own plan to get her back. In 'Guru in Seven' (1998), Sanjay (Nitin Chandra Ganatra) wants to be a famous artist but his girlfriend Jill just wants to settle down. So when Jill gives Sanjay an ultimatum of marriage or nothing, he decides a return to bachelorhood is the best option. In 'Just Write' (1997), when tour bus driver Harold (Jeremy Piven) bumps into his favourite actress, Amanda Clark (Sherilyn Fenn), she mistakes him for a screenwriter and suggests they meet up to discuss her next movie. Harold can't believe his luck, and goes along with the misunderstanding in order to spend time with the girl of his dreams. In 'Plan B' (1997), Gina (Sara Mornell), Stuart (Jon Cryer), Claire (Lisa Darr), Jack (Lance Guest) and Ricky (Mark Matheisen) are five friends who've all been thrown a curve ball by life. Gina's love life is a big disaster; novelist Stuart can't get published; actor Ricky's getting older quicker than he's getting famous; and Claire and Jack are having trouble conceiving. None of their lives has turned out how they planned it. Finally in 'Wedding Bell Blues' (1996), turning 30 and not married is something Jasmine (Illeana Douglas), Tanya (Paulina Porizkova) and Micki (Julie Warner) are not looking forward to. Micki's fiance has just called off their wedding, Tanya is pregnant but her boyfriend is not willing to settle down, and Jasmine just loves being single but her family doesn't.