Rosie Dixon - Night Nurse

  |  Book Tickets: 19/12/1977
  |  84 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC
Rosie Dixon - Night Nurse Film Poster


This exemplary piece of mid-70s rudeness features a number of British comic stalwarts double-entendring their way through a big-screen game of doctors and nurses. Rosie Dixon (Debbie Ash) is a trainee nurse doing the rounds at Queen Adelaide's hospital. Sharing digs with a sex-mad toff (Caroline Argyle), Rosie finds no respite from the leering and letching as she carries out her medical duties. John Le Mesurier features as a long-suffering senior consultant, Beryl Reid as his Matron sidekick and veteran music hall entertainer Arthur Askey as dirty old man Mr Arkwright.