Round The Twist: Completely Round The Twist

  |  Buy to Own: 24/04/2006
  |  1200 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


All the episodes from all four series of the off-beat Australian children's show, about Tony Twist and his children, who move to a haunted lighthouse in an eccentric small town, and experience all sorts of weird mysteries and baffling, unexplained events. Episodes from series one are: 'Skeleton on the Dunny'; 'Birdsdo'; 'A Good Tip For Ghosts'; 'The Cabbage Patch Fib'; 'Spaghetti Pig Out'; 'The Gum Leaf War'; 'Santa Claws'; 'Wunderpants'; 'Lucky Lips'; 'Know All'; 'The Copy'; 'Without My Pants'; and 'Lighthouse Blues'. The episodes from series two are: 'Next Time Around'; 'Copy Cat'; 'Little Squirt'; 'Pink Bow Tie'; 'Nails'; 'Sloppy Jalopy'; 'Smelly Feet'; 'Grandma's Gifts'; 'Ice Maiden'; 'Yuckies'; 'Quivering Heap'; 'Little Black Balls'; and 'Seeing the Light'. Episodes from series three are: 'The Big Burp'; 'Viking Book of Love'; 'The Whirling Derfish'; 'UMI'; 'Truth Hits Everybody'; 'The Nirandathal Beast'; 'Mali Boo'; 'Brainless'; 'Toy Love'; 'The Tears of Innocence'; 'The Icecream Man Cometh'; 'If These Walls Could Talk'; and 'The Big Rock'. Episodes from series four are: 'Welcome Back'; 'Monster Under the Bed'; 'Linda Godiva'; 'Dog By Night'; 'TV Or Not TV'; 'Face the Fear'; 'Hair Brain'; 'The Princess and the Pete'; 'Boy Bird'; 'The Shadow Player'; 'Radio DA DA'; 'Skunkman'; and 'Isle of Dreams'.