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  |  97 min
Rated 12 by the BBFC


Simone Bartesaghi directs this action feature following a young freerunner who puts his skills to use in robberies. Teenager Daniel (William Moseley) has developed freerunning skill - the ability to traverse all kinds of urban terrain at high speed - out of necessity. Working with his father (Adrian Pasdar), he earns a living by robbing stores and using his swiftness and agility to escape pursuers. When the pair move to Brooklyn Daniel is surprised to discover that a sport called parkour makes use of his many gifts. Inspired by freerunner Mark (Craig Henningsen) and his sister Emily (Kelsey Chow), Daniel takes up parkour and begins to dream of a brighter future, but will his criminal past catch up to him?

Contains moderate violence and injury detail
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