Ruth Rendell Mysteries: The Best Of

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  |  1750 min
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17 of the best from the Ruth Rendell crime story adaptations in which George Baker plays Chief Inspector Reg Wexford of Kingsmarkham (a fictional town in the real English county of Hampshire), with Christopher Ravenscroft as his partner in detection, Inspector Mike Burden while Wexford's wife Dora is played by Louie Ramsay (who became his wife in real life). Titles included: 'Master of the Moor'(3-parts 1994), 'You Can't Be Too Careful' (1998), 'Vanity Dies Hard'(3 parts 1995), 'The Orchard Walls' (1998), 'Simisola' (3 parts 1996), 'The Fallen Curtain' (1999), 'The Secret House of Death' (2 part 1996), 'A Case of Coincidence' (2 part 1996), 'The Double'(1997), 'A Dark Blue Perfume'(1997), 'Bribery and Corruption'(2 parts 1997), 'May and June'(2 parts 1997), 'Front Seat'(1997), 'The Going Wrong'(3 parts 1998), 'Road Rage'(4 parts 1998), 'Lake of Darkness'(1999) and 'Harm Done'(2000).