Sadaa Suhagan

  |  Buy to Own: 22/01/2007
  |  145 min
Rated PG by the BBFC
Sadaa Suhagan Film Poster


Bollywood family drama. Rajshekhar (Jeetendra) and Laxmi (Rekha) marry and become the proud parents of three children. As time goes by, however, the children prove to be less than ideal: the eldest son, Ravi (Govinda) begins an affair with the daughter of a prostitute and ends up working as a petrol-pump attendant after being thrown out of the house by his parents; the second son, Shashi (Alankar) is also banished ater stealing money from his parents, leading to them wrongly accusing their servant, Keshav (Mohan Choti) of theft; and their daughter, Babli (Sheela David), refuses to marry the husband her parents have carefully selected for her.