|  Buy to Own: 24/07/2000
  |  137 min
Rated U by the BBFC
Sadhna Film Poster


Classic Bollywood romance starring Sunil Dutt, Leela Chitnis and Vyjayanthimala. Young college professor Mohan (Dutt) lives with his doting mother (Chitnis). After suffering a bad fall, the mother's dying wish is that her son - a confirmed bachelor - should get married. Racked with guilt, Mohan asks his friend Jeevan (Radhakrishan) to find a woman willing to pose as Mohan's wife so that his mother can die in peace. Jeevan enlists the help of beautiful courtesan Champa (Vyjayanthimala), introducing her to Mohan as his niece. Things become complicated, however, when Mohan's mother makes an unexpected recovery and Mohan finds himself falling in love.