Sailor Moon: Episodes 7-12

  |  Buy to Own: 24/03/2003
  |  129 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Episodes 7 to 12 of the animated fantasy series. In 'An Uncharmed Life' Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury try to save some disappeared tourists. In 'Nightmare in Dreamland' Jedite distributes some dodgy sweets at an amusement park and the Sailor Scouts come to the rescue. In 'Cruise Blues' the Sailor Scouts discover foul play aboard a cruise liner. In 'Fight to the Finish' the Scouts prepare for a big showdown with Jedite, unaware that a fresh adversary is waiting in the wings. In 'Match Point For Sailor Moon' Katie Sandler, a top tennis player, is introduced to the series when she becomes the target of Nephlite. Whilst in 'An Unnatural Phenomena' Nephilite finds a new target in the shape of Mr Baxter, an old gardener. Once again Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts foil Nephilite's plan.