Saiyuki Reload: Volume 3

  |  Buy to Own: 07/12/2009
  |  100 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


More episodes of the popular Japanese anime. 'Saiyuki Reload' continues the original storyline of earlier anime series, 'Saiyuki', and follows the adventures of Priest Genjyo Sanzo, Son Goku, Cho Hakkai and Sha Gojyo as they maintain their westward journey to stop the resurrection of the demon Gyoumao. As the reputation of the Sanzo party precedes them, they continue to fight demon assassins at every turn, but they must also deal with increasing tensions within their group in order to defeat a powerful enemy. In this series, Hakkai finally reaches his limit. Fed up with the irresponsibility of the others, he does the unthinkable - he runs away. Can the others get him back, or at least the gold credit card he took with him? Meanwhile, in the latest incident of members gone M.I.A., Sanzo disappears... and a mansionful of malicious marionettes might know where he's gone.