Salaryman Kintaro: Volume 4

  |  Buy to Own: 18/03/2006
  |  100 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Salaryman Kintaro: Volume 4 Film Poster


Kintaro once again heads straight into trouble when his remarkable success sees him transferred to a new city and a new department. It's here that he realises he has much to learn about how deadly office politics can be. In Episode 13, 'Kintaro Returns Home', Sun-section Chief Takatsukasa arrives at Yamato Construction with big changes in mind, and Kintaro firmly in his sights. In Episode 14, 'Kintaro Connects People', Kintaro has tea with Madam Nakamura, who is much more than she seems, while Takatsukasa takes measures to eliminate his rival. In Episode 15, 'Kintaro Transferred', Kintaro is transferred to Kahoku City and finds out his new superior, Sub-Chief Igo, packs quite a punch. Episode 16, 'Kintaro Works in Sales' sees Kintaro thrown in at the deep end at a contract bid while under Igo's supervision, and he soon finds that bureaucracy is an enemy that maybe even he can't beat.