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Documentary account of four door-to-door bible salesmen in Boston in the late '60s. The Maysles Brothers Albert and David are famous for capturing moments of cultural significance and change in left-leaning documentaries like the Stones film, 'Gimme Shelter', and their document of the Beatles' first US visit. Here, they expose the juxtaposition between religion and commerce against the backdrop of a country where church and state are practically one and the same. As the four go door to door visiting the working families, immigrants and bored housewives of Boston, they often need only say they were sent by the church to get access to the often thin purses of these families. The Maysles' follow Paul 'The Badger' Brennan, and his crew (each named after their selling style; 'The Gipper', 'The Rabbit' and 'The Bull') from cold Boston to balmy Florida via many lonely motels, to run their pitch. Avoiding judgement or involvement with their subjects almost entirely, the Maysles' present a fly-on-the-wall view of this thankless job - at the time a dying art and now almost a thing of the past.