Salomé Wilde Salomé

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Double bill of films directed by Al Pacino. In 'Salomé' (2013), we follow the biblical story of Salomé (Jessica Chastain), the daughter of King Herod (Pacino) and Herodias (Roxanne Hart), who, after being denied his affections, demands that John the Baptist (Kevin Anderson)'s head be delivered to her. However, with her father reluctant to give the command, she'll have to convince him somehow to grant her desire... 'Wilde Salomé' (2011) is a documentary following the stage production and filming of Oscar Wilde's controversial work 'Salomé' by Al Pacino. The film follows Pacino as he deals with the many challenges of simultaneously directing and acting in the play while seeking out more information on the author's motivations for writing it.