Salt of Life

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  |  89 min
Rated 12 by the BBFC
Salt of Life Film Poster


In Cinemas 12th August, with an exclusive preview and Q&A with Gianni DI Gregorio 21st July. Book tickets here: A gently comical tale of a middle age retiree who longs for romance. Try as he might to get noticed by women, Gianni never seems to get a second glance. His condescending wife treats him more like a punch-line than a husband, and his aristocratic mother seems all but blind to her son's romantic plight. Reluctantly striking up a friendship with his daughter's floundering boyfriend, dejected Gianni looks on longingly as his aging pals court gorgeous young women, and starts to question why all of the passion seems to have disappeared from his life. Later, the mild-mannered retiree decides to take a little advice from his lawyer friend Alfonso and starts to remember why chasing women is a young man's game.

Contains moderate sex references
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