Santa's Little Yelpers

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  |  85 min
Rated U by the BBFC


Heartwarming festive drama in which five golden retriever pups team up with a neglected child to foil a bank robbery. Oliver Richmond (Andrew Beckham) is continually being let down by his parents, Jessica (Shannon Elizabeth) and Jeff (Jason Brooks), who seem to be too preoccupied with their careers to spend any time with him. As a result, Oliver falls in with the wrong crowd, a gang of ne'er-do-wells who get their thrills breaking into houses. Everything changes when Oliver discovers five golden retriever pups in one of the homes they break into. Realising the pups have been abandoned, Oliver tries to convince his parents to keep them and to help recover the mother they pine for. His parents are unconvinced, however these are no ordinary puppies and their crime-fighting exploits, in conjunction with Oliver, will surely convince Jessica and Jeff to provide them with a home...

Contains mild threat, comic violence and very mild language
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