Saturday Live: The Best Of Series One

  |  Buy to Own: 16/04/2007
  |  300 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Saturday Live: The Best Of Series One Film Poster


A collection of chaotic comedy from the groundbreaking UK show based on the US institution Saturday Night Live. In 1984/ '85, Channel 4 gathered the cream of the UK's madcap comedy talent and threw them together in a volatile and completely unpredictable mishmash with some sporadic live musical guests. The results were called Saturday Live. Regular guests Ade Edmundson, Rik Mayall, Harry Enfield, Ben Elton, French and Saunders, Fry and Laurie, Pamela Stephenson and Emo Phillips, among others such as, surprisingly, Emma Thompson and Dennis Healey, MP made fun of everything imaginable and a lot of utterly unimaginable stuff for good measure. Viewers never knew quite what or who was coming next and were even introduced to a lot of new comic talent from the US like Sam Kinnison, Steven Wright and Louie Anderson. The show was the springboard for a lot of characters by the British comics involved including Enfield's Stavros and Loadsamoney and Mayall and Edmundson's Dangerous Brothers - it even lauched Ben Elton as a stand up act since he'd been heretofore known only for writing.