Savage Grace

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  |  97 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Family crime drama focusing on the real-life murder of wealthy socialite Barbara Baekeland (Julianne Moore) by her son Anthony (Eddie Redmayne). Having married Brooks (Stephen Dillane), son and heir to the once wealthy Baekeland family, founders of Bakelite, Barbara (Moore) finally reached the exalted social circles she always aspired to. Although she suffered an unstable personality coupled with bouts of depression, things improved when the couple had a child together. The discovery that their son Anthony (Redmayne) was gay, however, caused great concern in his mother and outright hostility in his father. In a bizarre relationship, with no boundaries or privacy, and with every experience shared, Barbara tried unsuccessfully to 'cure' her son, even hiring girls to sleep with him. But when this approach failed to have the desired effect, she finally coerced Anthony into an incestuous relationship, one that was to lead ultimately to her death.

Contains very strong language, incest theme and strong sex references
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