Saving Face

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  |  91 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
Saving Face Film Poster


Heartwarming romantic comedy about family, tradition, and changing times. Michelle Krusiec play Wilhelmina, a doctor in a Manhattan hospital who returns to Flushing's Chinatown every Friday night to participate in her extended family's weekly dance mixer. While her mother (Joan Chen) and the other women try to set her up with eligible bachelors, Wil falls for Vivian (Lynn Chen), a beautiful young dancer who feels the attraction as well. As the two women contemplate a possible relationship, Wil's mother, who is nearing fifty, reveals she is pregnant, but she will not tell anyone who the father is. Wil's grandfather (Jin Wang) disowns his daughter for the shame she is bringing the family - he feels he has 'lost face' in the community - forcing Wil to take in her mother and care for her in a reversal of generational roles and responsibility. But just as her mother remains secretive of who the father of her baby is, Wil keeps her lesbianism a secret as well.