Saxondale: Series 2

  |  Buy to Own: 26/10/2009
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Saxondale: Series 2 Film Poster


All six episodes from the second series of Steve Coogan's BBC sitcom. Tommy Saxondale (Coogan) has been through the rock and roll mill and lived to tell the tale. He plays fast and loose, shoots from the hip, and tells no lies - he's a true maverick. Tommy never took the corporate dollar. He doesn't work for 'the man'; he's his own man. These and other moth-eaten cliches are how Tommy would describe himself. But when Tommy removes his rose-tinted Aviator shades, he can't deny a few basic facts: he may have been a middle-ranking roadie for 20 years, but for the past ten years he has been at the cutting edge of... the Hertfordshire pest control industry. In this series, after saving Martin (Kevin Eldon) from a suicide attempt, Tommy decides he's the right man to bring the stranger back to life. But Tommy's lack of professional knowledge about counselling leads to another near-death experience at the local karaoke club.