Scanners Collection

  |  309 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Collected edition of the sci-fi horror trilogy, about a disparate breed of telepaths operating on the fringes of a hostile human society. In 'Scanners' (1981), director David Cronberg introduces the concept of the group of psychics, nicknamed 'scanners' for their ability to read minds, who can also induce massive brain haemorrhaging in their subjects by locking into their nervous system. Stephen Lack plays Cameron, a 'good' scanner sent out by a team of doctors to track down the psychics who are using their powers for evil purposes, and who are led by Cameron's brother, Darryl Revok (Michael Ironside). In 'Scanners 2' (1991), a corrupt police commander (Yvan Ponton) decides to use the scanners to help take over the city, convincing evil scientist Dr Morse (Tom Butler) to help him. Morse has plans to use a new mind-controlling drug on the telepaths, but has not reckoned with a rogue scanner who is determined to stop them. Finally, 'Scanners 3' (1993) sees young Helena Monet (Liliana Komorowska), a girl with exceptional telepathic abilities, become a deranged killer when she tries an experimental drug developed by her father, and who then uses her abilities to cut a murderous swathe to the top of his pharmaceutical company. On her quest to dominate the world, Helena takes over a television station, and the only man who can stop her is her scanner brother Alex, recently returned from honing his skills in a Thai monastery.