Scary Movie Trilogy

  |  Buy to Own: 04/10/2004
Rated TBC by the BBFC


The comedy spoof series that delivers madcap mayhem in a send-up that skewers horror blockbusters along with other movie genres and pop culture. 'Scary Movie' follows a group of none-too-bright teenagers who are stalked by a masked killer who wants them dead because of their involvement in a car accident that happened last Halloween. The kids are also being stalked by a television news reporter determined to get the story. One by one, the young friends are dispatched in a grisly and ridiculous fashion. 'Scary Movie 2' turns its comic attention towards the supernatural horror film, and follows the students from the first film as they are hired to investigate a series of strange occurrences in an old mansion named Hell House. Cindy, Ray, Shorty, and Brenda all turn up at the appointed hour, ready to take on all the ghosts and spooks the house has to offer. But when their professor is killed, the students find themselves trapped in the house with phantoms far more bizarre than any they had imagined. 'Scary Movie 3' focuses on Cindy, now out of college, who has become a TV news reporter out to find a hard-hitting news story. She soon uncovers all kinds of mysterious threats including crop circles, alien invasion and a killer videotape that is somehow linked to the death of her best friend Brenda.