Scream Queen : Do You Wanna Know A... Final Scream ...

  |  Buy to Own: 11/11/2002
  |  360 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


A box set of 4 horror flicks. In 'Do You Wanna Know a Secret' it's Spring Break and six rich-kid students arrive in Florida ready for the party of a lifetime. But a fellow reveller is soon discovered brutally murdered and, before long, the friends themselves start to go missing. What is the secret behind these strange events? And will the remaining friends be able to find the answer before they too turn up as victims? In 'Final Scream' a group of college graduates arrive at a remote estate ready to participate in a murder mystery game. The evening starts as an innocent night of scary stunts, with fake blood and a man in a mysterious mask. But when a body is found, things start to turn really nasty. The kids might have come looking for a night of fun and laughter, but now all they want is to survive. 'Children of the Living Dead' is set in a small Pennsylvanian town, and Matthew Michaels has just taken over an old farm property in order to start his new car dealership. Unknown to him the farm is located on the site of a graveyard, which the local townsfolk claim is evil and should be left alone. Years before, the town was infested with zombies who almost wiped out the town's population. All the zombies were destroyed bar one - Abbott Hayes - who was never found. When Michael's team of construction workers start digging on the farm, Hayes is awoken, together with the Children of the Living Dead. Soon the townsfolk are panicking as the zombies try once again to take over the town... Finally in 'The Fear' a group of young trainee psychoanalysts come to stay at an old cabin in the woods with plans to do some intensive group analysis. When they discover an old wooden dime-store Indian in a closet, they decide to confess all their deepest anxieties to it. However the Indian, who goes by the name of Morty, proves to have a life of his own, and soon begins slaughtering the psychoanalysts, one at a time, and in ways appropriate to their own individual fears.