Screen Goddess Collection: Doris Day

  |  Buy to Own: 03/10/2005
  |  624 min
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Six classic films starring the iconic screen actress Doris Day. In 'Young at Heart' (1954), Barney Sloan (Frank Sinatra) is a cynical, down-on-his-luck musician, who reluctantly agrees to help his composer friend Alex Burke (Gig Young) with a new comedy he is working on. However, Barney gains a new perspective on life and love when he meets Alex's irrepressibly perky fiancée, Laurie (Day) - and promptly falls in love with her! A musical remake of the 1938 film 'Four Daughters', with Sinatra offering definitively gloomy renditions of 'Someone to Watch Over Me' and 'One More for My Baby' before Day manages to put a smile on his face. In 'It Happened to Jane' (1959), Jane Osgood (Day) is a struggling widow with two children who runs her own restaurant and lobster house. When the actions of an unscrupulous railroad boss destroys her latest lobster shipment, Jane calls on the services of her best friend, lawyer George Denham (Jack Lemmon). Denham wants to do everything he can to help, in the hope that Jane will realise he has always been in love with her. In 'Pillow Talk' (1959), Jan Morrow (Day) is a level-headed interior designer who shares a phone line with resident swinging bachelor Brad Allen (Rock Hudson). He annoys her by hogging the line with calls to his numerous girlfriends, whilst she irritates him by her refusal to accept his sweet-talking charms. Brad decides to teach her a lesson by seducing her under an assumed identity, but his plans are complicated by mutual friend Jonathan (Tony Randall), who has his own designs on Jan. In 'Lover Come Back' (1961), Jerry Webster (Rock Hudson) and Carol Templeton (Day) are advertising rivals who are forever competing for the same accounts. When Jerry steals a client from Carol, she determines to infiltrate his company and find out who his latest, top secret, VIP account owner is and woo him to her side. Little does Carol realise that the mystery scientist responsible for Jerry's new product is none other than Jerry himself! In 'Send Me No Flowers' (1964), Hudson and Day team up for their third and final film together. George Kimball (Hudson) is a hypochondriac who mistakenly believes that he is going to die after overhearing his doctor discussing a terminal case. He enlists the help of his best friend and neighbour, Arnold (Randall), in finding a new spouse for wife Judy (Day), but all does not go smoothly. When Judy's former paramour Bert (Clint Walker) shows up at their country club, George finds himself actually encouraging his attentions. Finally, in 'The Thrill of It All' (1963), chirpy housewife Beverly Boyer (Day) becomes a celebrity overnight after inadvertently charming the manufacturer of Happy Soap at a dinner party. After a single television appearance Beverly becomes an advertising star - much to the chagrin of her neglected husband, obstetrician Gerald (James Garner).