Screen Goddess Collection: Mae West

  |  Buy to Own: 03/10/2005
  |  469 min
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Six films starring the iconic screen goddess Mae West. In 'My Little Chickadee' (1940), West stars alongside W.C. Fields as goodtime-girl Flower Belle Lee, who is run out of a small town in the Old West. On the train she meets conman Cuthbert J. Twillie (Fields) and marries him to make herself respectable. When they arrive in Greasewood City, Twillie is made sherrif by a corrupt town boss, and the couple introduce their own rowdy style to the straightlaced town. In 'She Done Him Wrong' (1933), West plays Lady Lou, a nightclub owner worried about the return of her criminal boyfriend, who knows that she hasn't exactly been faithful in his absence. Fortunately help is on hand in the form of temperance leader Captain Cummings (Cary Grant). In 'I'm No Angel' (1933), millionaire Kirk Lawrence (Kent Taylor) falls for bewitching circus performer Tira (West), but she falls in love with Kirk's business partner Jack (Grant). When Jack breaks off the affair, Tira sues him for breach of contract and subjects him to an excoriating cross-examination. In 'Klondike Annie' (1936), Rose (West) is the mistress of possessive Chinese businessman Chan Lo (Harold Huber). When she escapes San Francisco's Chinatown for the Alaskan goldrush, Rose falls in with straightlaced nun Sister Annie (Helen Jerome Eddy), and the two form an unlikely friendship. When Annie dies of illness, ship's captain Bull Brackett (Victor McLaglen) learns that Rose is wanted for murder, and helps her swap identities with her dead friend so she can start over again. 'Belle of the Nineties' (1934) is a musical comedy starring West as burlesque singer Ruby Carter, as she tries to avoid the attentions of prize fighter Tiger Kid (Roger Pryor). When Tiger and one of his buddies come up with a plan to steal some of Ruby's jewellery, they soon realise that they've underestimated the singer completely. Finally, in 'The Heat's On' (1943), West plays faded actress Fay Lawrence, who tries to reinvent her career by appearing in the musical Tropicana.