Screen Goddess Collection: Marlene Dietrich

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  |  570 min
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A collection of six films starring the inimitable Marlene Dietrich. 'A Foreign Affair' (1948) is a romantic comedy directed by Billy Wilder and set in wartime Berlin. Dietrich stars as Erika, a cabaret singer who is having an ongoing affair with American army captain John Pringle (John Lund). But Pringle is forced to end the relationship when straitlaced American congresswoman Phoebe Frost (Jean Arthur) is sent into town to investigate Erika's affairs. But it soon transpires that Frost has a romantic agenda of her own... In 'Blonde Venus' (1932), aspiring actress Helen Faraday (Dietrich) discovers that her scientist husband, Edward Faraday (Herbert Marshall), is suffering from radium poisoning. In order to raise the cash for a cure Helen finds work as a cabaret hostess, and is romanced by wealthy playboy Nick Townsend (Cary Grant). Nick gives Helen the money for her husband's treatment, and she takes up residence in her new beau's empty mansion - only for her indiscretion to be discovered when Edward recovers more speedily than she expected. In the 1939 western 'Destry Rides Again', young Tom Destry (James Stewart) is considered something of a joke when he takes up the position of deputy in the lawless town of Bottle Neck. Destry refuses to carry a gun, and prefers a glass of milk to alcohol, which hardly makes him a match for gunslinging saloon owner Kent (Brian Donlevy), the real power behind the town. However, with the aid of drunken sheriff 'Wash' Dimmsdale (Charles Winninger), the soft-spoken Destry sets about cleaning up Bottle Neck in his own inimitable manner, winning the admiration of Kent's blowsy, bar-room singer girlfriend, Frenchy (Dietrich), along the way. 'The Devil is a Woman' (1935) is a period melodrama starring Dietrich as Concha Perez, a beautiful and mysterious woman who breaks men's hearts as she strips them of their wealth. When Don Pasqual (Lionel Atwill) hears of his freind Antonio's (Cesar Romero) infatuation with the seductress, he is overcome with jealousy and challenges Antonio to a duel. In 'Shanghai Express' (1932), notorious adventuress and seductress Shanghai Lily (Marlene Dietrich) finds herself reunited with medical corps officer Captain Donald Harvey (Clive Brook), the man who deserted her but whom she has never stopped loving, when she boards the express train to Shanghai. Also on board the train is merchant Henry Chang (Warner Oland), who unsuccessfully propositions Lily. However, it transpires that Chang is really a rebel leader, and when his men storm the train he threatens to have Donald tortured unless Lily accedes to his sexual demands. The 1942 romantic comedy 'The Lady is Willing' sees Dietrich in the role of actress Liza Madden, who is desperate to become a mother but has no husband. When she finds an abandoned baby, she decides to approach her obstetrician Dr Corey McBain (Fred McMurray) with a proposition: if he will marry her in name only so that she may legally adopt the baby, she will fund his scientific research. But it isn't long before a marriage of convenience blossoms into something more meaningful...