Screen Goddess Collection: Maureen O'Hara

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Rated X by the BBFC


A collection of six films starring Irish screen legend Maureen O'Hara. O'Hara stars opposite Errol Flynn in the 1952 seafaring swashbuckler 'Against All Flags'. Sparks fly when English naval officer Brian Hawke (Flynn) falls into the hands of a band of Madagascan pirates, but after a series of adventures and misfortunes he finds love with spirited pirate queen Spitfire Stevens (O'Hara). 'Lady Godiva' (1955) stars O'Hara in the title role as the rebellious wife of a medieval nobleman. Infuriated by unfair taxes imposed by the Normans, Lady Godiva makes her famous protest by riding naked through the streets of Coventry. 'Our Man in Havana' (1959) is a spy spoof based on the novel by Graham Greene. Alec Guinness stars as Jim Wormold, an English expatriate who sells vacuum cleaners in Havana. His life is irrevocably changed as he is recruited by Hawthorne (Noel Coward), and pressed into service as an operative of MI6, which he reluctantly agrees to so he can earn extra money for his 17-year-old daughter. 'The Rare Breed' (1966) is a western in which O'Hara stars alongside James Stewart. The film is based on real-life events that took place in the 1880s when Hereford cattle were first introduced to the American West. Martha Price (O'Hara) and her daughter Hilary (Juliet Mills) enlist the help of Sam 'Bulldog' Burnett (Stewart), a wandering ranch hand, to carry out the dream of Martha's late husband who died en route to America. His dream was to introduce Hereford cattle by transporting a lone bull, Vindicator, to Texas to breed it with longhorn cattle. Martha, Hilary and Sam set out on the road to Texas with the bull, but the trail is fraught with dangers and Sam has to rescue the women from a series of Western-style ambushes and abductions. 'Rio Grande' (1950) is the third and final part of John Ford's trilogy detailing the post Civil War period, following in the footsteps of 'Fort Apache' and 'She Wore a Yellow Ribbon'. Lieutenant Kirby Yorke (John Wayne) is stationed at a remote cavalry post, at which his son, Jeff, enlists in order to prove himself to his father. Yorke's ex-wife (O'Hara) arrives to fetch her son back, only to find her love for Kirby rekindled amidst much family tension. O'Hara stars alongside John Wayne once again in 'The Quiet Man' (1952). Sean Thornton (Wayne) is an Irish-American boxer who refuses to fight again after a traumatic bout. But when love intervenes he is forced to return to the ring to win the heart and hand of local girl Mary Kate (O'Hara), whose brother, squire Red Will Danaher (Victor McLaglan), objects to the match.