Screen Goddess Collection: Rita Hayworth

  |  Buy to Own: 03/10/2005
  |  602 min
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Six films from screen goddess Rita Hayworth. In 'Gilda' (1946), gambler Johnny Farrell (Glenn Ford) is shocked when his boss and best friend Ballin (George Macready) asks him to keep an eye on his beautiful new wife Gilda (Hayworth), for the two were previously lovers. Gilda taunts Johnny and attempts to get him in trouble with her husband but when Ballin apparently dies in a plane crash, Johnny marries Gilda and treats her badly as punishment. 'You'll Never Get Rich' (1941) is a musical comedy and stars Hayworth alongside Fred Astaire. Robert Benchley plays theatre impressario Martin Cortland, whose wife finds a diamond bracelet and suspects him of having an affair with showgirl Sheila Winthrop (Hayworth). Choreographer Robert Curtis (Astaire) is caught in the middle, but fortunately the army seems to offer them all a way out. Orson Welles directs, produces, writes and stars in 'The Lady From Shaghai' (1948), a maritime film noir. When unemployed Irishman Michael O'Hara (Welles) saves Elsa Bannister (Hayworth) from some thugs, she obtains him a position on her invalid lawyer husband Arthur's (Everett Sloane) yacht, as a deckhand. It soon becomes clear that Elsa now has designs on O'Hara, and also wants her husband out of the way. O'Hara, although resisting Elsa's advances, finds himself becoming embroiled in a web of intrigue and murder. The famous hall of mirrors sequence is considered to be one of the greatest scenes in film history. In 'The Magnificent Showman' (1964), Matt Masters (John Wayne) is a circus owner who has to start from scratch when his ship sinks in the Barcelona harbour. Starting up a Wild West act, he takes under his wing Toni Alfredo (Claudio Cardinale), a trapeze artist whose mother Lili (Hayworth) has abandoned her. Seeking Lili out in a Hamburg bar, Masters obtains her a job in the circus anonymously, so that she can get to know her daughter. 'Miss Sadie Thompson' (1953) is a musical drama. Sadie Thompson (Hayworth) is a bawdy night club entertainer stranded on a tropical island during World War II, and loving every minute of it, until she encounters the Reverend Davidson (Jose Ferrer). When Sadie seeks her salvation through the hypocritical minister, she's met with a brutal assault. But, in spite if all he exposes about her past, Sadie manages to find someone who loves her. Finally, in the Biblical drama 'Salome' (1953), Hayworth plays the daughter of King Herod and Queen Herodias. The king and queen fear the preachings of prophet John the Baptist, and when Herodias begins to take notice of her husband's growing lust for young Salome, she sees a way to finally rid the kingdom of the turbulent priest.