Screen Icons: Dirk Bogarde

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Box-set featuring classic Dirk Bogarde movies. In 'Accident' (1967) Two Oxford students, William (Michael York) and Anna (Jacqueline Sassard), crash their car outside their professor Stephen's (Bogarde) house. The lecturer finds William dead and Anna in shock, and the horrifying spectacle in front of him triggers memories of their previous meetings. It transpires that Anna had been having an affair with one of the professor's colleagues, and, in a flashback to a Sunday dinner party, it is revealed what part Stephen had to play in the fall-out from the relationship. In 'The Servant' (1963) James Fox plays a wealthy American who has escaped from his homeland in the wake of Communist paranoia. He returns to England from a holiday in Europe, buys a handsome Georgian townhouse and employs Bogarde as a house-keeper. However, Bogarde becomes steadily more pervasive and manages to engineer a role-reversal, which results in him achieving control of his master. 'The Blue Lamp' (1949) Sergeant Dixon (Jack Warner) is shot and killed while teaching a new recruit (Jimmy Hanley) the ropes. Police and some of the West London criminal fraternity hunt down his killer (Bogarde) in this classic British police story. 'The Sleeping Tiger' (1954) sees a psychiatrist bring a criminal into his home as an experiment, after catching him red-handed but sadly the psychiatrist's wife falls in love with the crook. 'Victim' (1961) stars Bogarde as a Q.C. with a past he's tried to bury. Now married, he has tried to forget a homosexual affair, but finds he cannot escape it when he receives a phone call from his former lover. His lover, Jack Barret (Peter McEnery), has been arrested by police for theft.