Screen Legends: Cary Grant

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Four classic films featuring the iconic Cary Grant. In 'The Awful Truth' (1937), Jerry (Grant) and Lucy Warriner (Irene Dunne) decide on a divorce when he suspects her of having an affair with her singing instructor. Lucy is soon being courted by wealthy oil baron Daniel Leeson (Ralph Bellamy), while Jerry takes up with a club singer. However, with their divorce still not final, the couple still hanker after each other. In 'Bringing Up Baby' (1938), eccentric heiress Susan Vance (Katharine Hepburn) steals a dinosaur bone from absent-minded paleontologist David Huxley (Grant), forcing him to track her down to her Connecticut farm. Along the way he runs into trouble with the authorities and a possible sponsor for his museum, and ends up looking after Susan's pet leopard, 'Baby'. In 'Father Goose' (1964), Walter Eckland (Grant) is an unshaven beach bum bamboozled into working for the British navy during World War Two by Commodore Frank Houghton (Trevor Howard). Eckland is forced to spot enemy Japanese planes from a remote desert island, with bottles of whiskey as his only reward. The relative calm is shattered, however, when schoolteacher Catherine Freneau (Leslie Caron) and her seven female charges are stranded on the island. Finally, in 'Holiday' (1938), liberal-minded Johnny Case (Grant) wanders into a storm of trouble when he goes to meet his fiancée's wealthy family. His prospective father-in-law is not too impressed with Johnny's plan to take a 'holiday' in the early years of his life. Johnny is nonplussed - all he wants is to enjoy himself and find a direction while he is still able. However, he finds unlikely allies in the form of his future sister-in-law, Linda (Katharine Hepburn), and her tipsy brother, Nick (Lew Ayres).