Screen Legends: Peter Sellers

  |  Buy to Own: 09/10/2006
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A four-feature tribute to the acting career of the original irreverent Englishman, Peter Sellers. In the comedy benchmark, 'The Mouse That Roared' (1959) Sellers takes on no less than three roles. The Duchy of Grand Fenwick, facing financial ruin after being hoodwinked by an American company, declares war on the US. They then admit defeat almost instantly in order to reap the predicted handout of aid they are sure to get. However, things don't quite go according to plan. In 'The Return Of The Pink Panther' (1975) Sellers reprises his most identifiable role as the bumbling Inspector Clouseau. The Pink Panther diamond has been stolen again and Clouseau is once again called in. Christopher Plummer has taken over David Niven's role as number one suspect, but this time he is innocent and decides he'll have to find the culprit himself if he wants to avoid a life behind bars. Clouseau, meanwhile, conducts the police investigation, unawares, in his idiosyncratic style. In 'There's A Girl In My Soup' (1970) TV chef Robert Danvers (Sellers) gets more on his plate than he bargained for when he takes in kooky blonde bubble-brain Marion (Goldie Hawn). Having been kicked out by her boyfriend, Marion inveigles her way into Robert's life, resisting his inept attempts at seduction, and proving that she is not quite as dumb as she seems. In 'The Magic Christian' (1969) Sir Guy Grand, played by Sellers, is the richest man in the world, and when he stumbles across a young orphan (Ringo Starr) in the park he decides to adopt him and travel around the world spending cash. It's not long before the two of them discover on their happy-go-lucky madcap escapades that money does, in fact, buy anything you want. Also starring Richard Attenborough, John Cleese and various other Pythons.