SCUBA Made Easy

  |  46 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
SCUBA Made Easy Film Poster


An excellent companion piece while you train to get your Open Water Recreational Dive Certification. NEW LOW PRICE! This program is not to be used in place of dive instruction with a certified dive instructor! It is to be used as a a compliment to your open water recreational dive instruction with a certifying dive agency. This video is also a GREAT refresher course. All the information is broken down into stand-alone modules making it an invaluable instructor and student aid. 45+ minutes of pool skills illustrating each skill from several angles including all the dive sciences made clear and easy to understand. Scuba on video is produced by dive instructors with a clear, concise and thoroughly entertaining presentation. Unaffiliated with any dive agency, you get the information straight without any of the sales pitches. This program was produced by an Emmy Award winner and Dive instructor. Its use is intended for students, active divers and as a teaching aid for instructors. Available also for immediate download. Search Amazon for scubaonvideo UNREAL and an invaluable training tool. Magnificent job on the production! -- Misha Sperka - US Navy Deep Sea Diving and Salvage - 14,000 dives - SDI Instructor ... a great tool for instructors in their open water classes through Dive Master level training. The videos are clear, easy to understand and entertaining. I would highly recommend them to any instructor as a great training aid.--John Souza - YMCA-USA Instructor Trainer - Certified 1000+ Students - DAN Instructor Trainer