Seagal Collection

  |  571 min
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Collection of six action films starring Steven Seagal. In 'Today You Die' (2005), a crook with a conscience, Harlan Banks (Seagal), agrees to pull one final job, going in with some men who are planning a $20 million casino robbery in Las Vegas. Banks is double-crossed by his new partners, and while he gets away with the money, he also ends up behind bars. Now his fellow crooks want the cash and will do anything to get it. In 'Black Dawn' (2005), Seagal plays tough CIA operative Jonathan Cold. Infiltrating a group of terrorists who plan to bomb Los Angeles, Cold's cover is suddenly blown when the terrorists kidnap his young sidekick Amanda (Tamara Davies). Suddenly Cold is thrown into a desperate race against time to track down Amanda and find the bomb before it turns the city into rubble. In 'Flight of Fury' (2007), John Sands (Seagal) is a secret operative used by the United States Air Force for clandestine operations deemed too sensitive for the regular intelligence services. When his own Agency paymasters feel threatened by the knowledge he gained from past exploits, they quickly imprison him and schedule a chemical wipe of his memories. Feeling betrayed by his Agency, John escapes the hi-tech detention center and plans to assimilate into society. Unfortunately, the Air Force has other plans for him. A top secret Stealth Bomber that uses the latest in stealth cloaking technology has been hijacked and it's the Air Force's belief that John's the only man capable of getting it back before it falls into the hands of a terrorist group that could prove to be an unstoppable force. In 'Shadow Man' (2006), when rogue operatives within the CIA smuggle a lethal virus out of the US and use ex-intelligence officer Jack Foster (Seagal) as their unwitting courier, they have no idea of the fury that they're about to unleash. Unaware of the plot in which he's involved, Jack takes his eight-year-old daughter on a trip to Bucharest five years after the death of his wife and son. When she's kidnapped by a mysterious foreign agent, Jack searches Bucharest for her while the Romanian police, the American Embassy, and Russian agents all pursue him, believing he has a microchip containing the formula for a virus that could kill millions if it falls into the wrong hands. In 'Attack Force' (2006), when Marshall Lawson (Seagal) loses his son to a cold-blooded and seemingly random attack, he takes it upon himself to investigate the suspicious circumstances of the brutal killings. Finally, in 'Pistol Whipped' (2008), Seagal plays a down-on-his-luck ex-cop fighting to get his life back in order. Where once he was happily married with a wife and daughter, ex-elite cop Matt (Seagal)'s life now revolves around empty bottles and gambling debts. With his former best friend now married to his wife, Matt can't find the way to get his life back on track, until a mysterious stranger throws him a lifeline, but with a catch: his gambling debts will be paid in full, but only if he agrees to eliminate a top crime boss. Now working in what was once enemy territory, Matt has to quickly adapt to his new life, and finally decide where his loyalties lie.