Seagal Triple

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  |  267 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Triple-bill of Steven Seagal action. In 'Into the Sun' (2005), Travis Hunter (Seagal) is a former American special agent who was raised by the Yakuza. When the governor of Tokyo is murdered, Travis is forced to re-enter the underworld of his youth and uncover a terrorist ring spearheaded by a Yakuza leader with ties to the Chinese mafia. In 'Belly of the Beast' (2003), former C.I.A. operative Jack Hopper (Seagal) is on his way to retirement when he hears that his daughter is in trouble. Abu Karaf, a notorious terrorist group have kidnapped her and the C.I.A. have taken immediate action to rescue her. But as a man who has never been known to stick to the rules, Hopper believes that in this case there are no rules and launches his own rescue bid. Finally, in 'Out of Reach' (2004), Seagal plays Billy Ray Lancing, a former government agent now living in Alaska, who has been sending money through an overseas foster programme to an orphan in Eastern Europe. When the letters stop coming, he wonders why, and embarks on a journey to Europe to discover what has happened to his young penfriend. What he finds is an human smuggling operation masquerading as an orphanage, run by crook Faisal (Matt Schulze) and funded by well-intentioned Samaritans.

Contains strong violence and language
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