Sean Connery Box Set

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  |  557 min
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Box set containing five movies starring Sean Connery. In 'Entrapment' (1999), after the audacious theft of a Rembrandt, insurance investigator Virginia Baker (Catherine Zeta-Jones) sets out to track down notorious art thief Robert 'Mac' MacDougal (Connery). She contacts him and proposes a scheme to steal a Chinese mask worth $40 million. In order to prove that she is trustworthy, 'Mac' asks Virginia to steal a vase from a local antique store. Having done this, she then sets about seducing the villain, in the hope that she will learn more about his next, most devious plan. In 'Rising Sun' (1993), Web Smith (Wesley Snipes) is the LAPD detective investigating the death of a beautiful woman in the boardroom of one of the most prominent Japanese companies in America. Assisted by wise John Connor (Connery), a golf-playing expert in Japanese culture, Smith's investigation takes him into the grey area between big business and organised crime, and sees him deal with both high-tech video manipulation and the occasional outbreak of martial arts action. Tia Carrere and supermodel Tatjana Patitz also star. 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' (2003) is Steve Norrington's film, based on the graphic novels of Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill. It brings together several literary characters from the Victorian era to prevent the Fantom beginning a world war. It is 1899 and Allan Quatermain (Connery) is summoned from Africa by the British government to head a team of men with extraordinary abilities. The team includes Dr Jekyll (Jason Flemyng), Dorian Gray (Stuart Townsend), Captain Nemo (Naseeruddin Shah), vampire Mina Harker (Peta Wilson), Tom Sawyer (Shane West) and invisible man Rodney Skinner (Tony Curran) to form The League. Their assignment is to track down the infamous Fantom, but the catch is that they only have nine hours before he plans to sabotage the peace conference in Vienna. Will they work as a team and complete the mission or will their egos get in the way? In 'Zardoz' (1974), in the distant future the world is divided between two classes, the Barbarians and the Elite, with the former working in poverty and misery to support the decadence of the latter. The Elite have fashioned a huge flying stone head, the mask of the god Zardoz, and use it to collect grain from the Barbarians and keep them under their power. When one of the Barbarians, Zed, discovers a copy of L. Frank Baum's 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz' in an old library he realises that what he has been told is a lie, jumps aboard the stone head, and begins an odyssey to uncover the secrets of the gods. Finally, in 'Family Business' (1989), Vito (Dustin Hoffmann) has left his father's (Connery) life of crime behind him and started a successful meat-packing business. Vito's son (Matthew Broderick), however, is very much interested in crime and wants to get in on Grandpa's next big score. And it isn't long before Vito finds himself in on it too.