Secret Window Identity Panic Room

  |  Buy to Own: 19/11/2007
  |  299 min
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Triple bill of psychological thrillers. 'Secret Window' (2004) is a suspense thriller based on a novella by horror writer Stephen King. Johnny Depp stars as famed mystery writer Mort Rainey who, following an acrimonious separation from his wife Amy (Maria Bello), takes some time out at his remote lake house. Shortly after his arrival, he is unexpectedly confronted by a dangerous stranger named John Shooter (John Turturro). Claiming that Rainey has plagiarised his short story, changing only the ending, the psychotic Shooter demands justice. When Shooter's fearful demands turn to threats - and then murder - Rainey turns to a private detective, Ken Karsch (Charles S. Dutton) for help - but he soon begins to wonder if he can trust anyone or anything... In 'Identity' (2003), after a sudden rainstorm in a remote town forces ten travellers to seek refuge in a strange desert motel run by the mysterious Larry (John Hawkes), the disparate group of guests begin losing their lives. Whilst the survivors struggle to find out who the killer is, they also begin to realise that each of them has a secret and that their arrival at the hotel was not merely by chance...In 'Panic Room' (2002), Meg Altman (Jodie Foster) and her teenage daughter Sarah (Kristen Stewart) move into a luxury Manhattan townhouse but have no plans to use the ultra-secure 'panic room' installed by the previous occupant. But on their first night in their new home, three burglars break-in with plans to steal the money they believe is still concealed in the panic room's safe. Meg and Sarah then quickly take refuge in the secure chamber, locking themselves in and watching the burglars through the surveillance system; what follows is a tense cat-and-mouse game, as the criminals attempt to unlock the room and the mother and daughter try to signal for help.