Sector Zero

  |  Book Tickets: 15/06/2012
  |  64 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


This stylish and cerebral film takes us deep into one of Lebanon’s darkest corners: the derelict neighbourhood of Karantina. The area has a long and blighted history, stemming from its early days as an Ottoman-era quarantine, from which it earned its name. It went on to become a slaughterhouse, before being the site, in 1976 of a massacre by Christian right-wing militias. In an impressive directorial debut, Nadim Mishlawi takes Karantina’s history as the premise to explore Lebanon’s damaged psyche. He engages three leading Lebanese personalities – a psychologist, a writer and an architect – to discuss the neglected traumas of Lebanon’s past, its unstable present, and the difficulties it faces in building for the future. Rather than studying specific historical events Mishlawi digs deep into issues of cultural identity. By eschewing sensationally violent images, he succeeds in setting the scene for the most successful of horror movies: when the horror is all in the mind.