Seijun Suzuki's the Taisho Trilogy

Rated TBC by the BBFC
Seijun Suzuki's the Taisho Trilogy Film Poster


Collection of supernatural Japanese dramas directed by Seijun Suzuki. In 'Zigeunerweisen' (1980) university professor Aochi (Toshiya Fujita) meets his former colleague Nakasago (Yoshio Harada) while on holiday. After learning that Nakasago, who now lives a nomadic existence, is being hunted for the murder of a married woman he ran away with, Aochi soon finds himself being drawn deeper into his friend's mysterious world. In 'Kagerô-za' (1981) 1920s playwright Matsuzaki (Yusaki Matsuda) starts a relationship with a beautiful woman who might be a ghost. Finally, in 'Yumeji' (1991), painter and poet Takehisa Yumeji (Kenji Sawada) finds himself being haunted by the ghost of a jealous lover after becoming involved with alluring widow Tomoyo (Tomoko Mariya).