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Rated PG by the BBFC


French drama based on the true story of French primitive painter Seraphine de Senlis. In 1914, celebrated German art critic and collector Wilhelm Uhde (Ulrich Tukur) decides to rent an apartment in the small French town of Senlis, north of Paris, in order to write and have a break from city life. When he spots a small painting in the drawing room of his landlady, Madame Duphot (Genevieve Mnich), he is amazed to discover that it is the work of none other than her cleaning lady, the rough, plain and somewhat emotionally unhinged Seraphine (Yolande Moreau). Uhde immediately insists on seeing the rest of Seraphine's paintings, and before long a major new talent is introduced into the rarefied world of 20th-century European art.

Contains infrequent mild sex references and scenes of emotional distress
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