Sergei Eisenstein: Volume 2

  |  Buy to Own: 25/12/2007
  |  294 min
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Collection of seminal films by the Russian master Sergei Eisenstein. 'Brezhin Meadow' (1937) is based on the life of Pavik Morosov, a pioneer who was killed by his 'Old Russia' father for being an enemy of the people. 'Alexander Nevsky' (1938) was Eisenstein's first sound film and tells the story of a legendary hero who led the Russian Army against a German invasion in the 13th century. The film was made just before World War 2 and the inevitable onslaught between Russia and Hitler's Germany. The authenticity of the battle scenes was vouchsafed by Eisenstein being allowed unlimited access to the real Russian army. In Eisenstein's epic production of 'Ivan The Terrible Part 1' (1944), he tells the story of one of Russia's greatest and most ruthless leaders. The first part chronicles his childhood, coronation, marriage and illness. Eisenstein juxtaposes striking imagery with a stirring score by Prokofiev. In 'Ivan The Terrible: Part 2 (The Boyars Plot)' (1958), Ivan is feeling isolated and lonely after his attempts to establish a united Russia have left him without a wife (poisoned), and the defection to the Poles of his most trusted fighter. In an effort to build bridges he appoints a monk, Philip, to be Bishop of Moscow, but his plan backfires when Philip tries to bring Ivan under the Churches influence. Ivan's response is swift and brutal, sending in his own secret police, the Oprichniks, against the Boyars. Eisenstein's complex storyline reflects the bloody events of the time, and is full of political in-fighting, family betrayal, assassinations and murder.