Sex Tape

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  |  90 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Jake Kasdan directs this US comedy starring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel as a married couple whose attempt to spice up their sex lives with a video backfires spectacularly. Jay (Segel) and Annie (Diaz) have been together for ten years and, in that time, the intensity of their attraction to one another has dulled to the point where sex has almost become another household chore. One night, the couple decide to try and reignite their spark by filming themselves making love, which they swiftly come to regret when Jay's computer automatically uploads the video to his cloud network. Jay and Annie embark on a desperate containment operation in a bid to prevent their friends, family and work colleagues viewing the tape, but the internet is a tough force to control and, if they aren't willing to take extreme measures, the video may go viral...

strong sex references, sex, very strong language, drug use
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