Sexy Beast K-Pax Dogma

  |  Buy to Own: 29/09/2003
  |  322 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


A triple bill of dramas. In 'Sexy Beast' Gangster Gary Dove (Ray Winstone) has now retired to a villa on the Costa Del Sol, where he lives with ex-porn star wife DeeDee (Amanda Redman) and spends his time lazing by the pool and dining out with friends. All is well until Gary's psychotic former colleague Dan Logan (Ben Kingsley) arrives in Spain, determined to persuade him to do one last job. Dan is now in the employ of London crime kingpin Teddy Bass (Ian McShane), who intends to rob the bank of his sometime lover Harry (James Fox). Gary maintains that he has turned his back on his criminal past, but Dan is not prepared to take no for an answer... 'K-Pax' sees Psychiatrist Dr Mark Powell (Jeff Bridges) meeting one of the most unusual patients of his career when the mild-mannered Prot (Kevin Spacey) enters his office. Referred by the police for psychiatric consultation, Prot claims to be a traveller from the planet K-PAX and makes a great impression on experts with his knowledge of science and astronomy, as well as having a strong positive impact on many of the patients at the hospital. But Dr Powell is convinced that Prot is delusional, and continues to search for the trauma which has triggered his fantasies. Whilst 'Dogma' is a controversial supernatural comedy starring Matt Damon and Ben Affleck as Loki and Bartleby, two fallen angels who discover a religious loophole which will allow them to re-enter heaven. The angel Metatron (Alan Rickman) arrives on earth to tell abortion doctor and lapsed Catholic Bethany (Linda Fiorentino) that the fate of mankind lies in her hands - if the fallen angels make it back to heaven, all God's creation will be erased. Together with prophets Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (Kevin Smith), the forgotten 13th disciple Rufus (Chris Rock) and heavenly muse Serendipity (Salma Hayek), Bethany must thwart the evil angels before they unwittingly cause the end of the world. Singer Alanis Morissette makes a cameo appearance as God.