Shadow Skill - Complete Edition

  |  Buy to Own: 05/07/2004
  |  135 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Shadow Skill double bill. In 'Shadow Skill - The Movie ' Scarface, Shadow Skill champion, and Gau Ban of the Black Howling, meet upon a tower of stone. Their story is told in a flashback which takes us back ten years, to a time when Gau receives a visit from a mysterious masked figure who gives him the strength to win in battle against the Goa X. Gau and his adoptive sister Ella then team up with spellcaster Fowari and young Quo in an attempt to overcome the King of the Moon; but Scarface watches silently from the sidelines, and rivalries in the group soon threaten to set them against each other. In 'Shadow Skill - Epilogue' Gau realises that it is once again time to pay homage to the memory of his murdered parents, and he and Ella set out on a pilgrimage to their graves. As the journey unfolds, Gau is attacked by a demon wolfman and forced by Scarface to fight a duel with Ella. But Gau realises it is his destiny to become a new generation warrior, and grows evermore determined to uncover the secrets of the superhuman martial art known as Shadow Skill.