Shameless Sexploitation

  |  240 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Three slices of Euro schlock horror sleaze. Joe D'Amato directs 'Love Goddess of the Cannibals' (1978). Vincent (Maurice Poli) leads a team of geologists assigned to install a nuclear reactor on a remote tropical Caribbean island where the natives are cannibals. However, the cannibal tribe's voluptuous female leader, Papaya (Melissa Chimenti), proceeds to dispose of the intruders by seducing and killing them one by one. Mario Bianchi directs 'Satan's Baby Doll' (1982). When the body of recently-dead young virgin Miria (Jacqueline Dupre) is laid to rest in the crypt of a remote Italian castle belonging to the murderous brute, Count Antonio (Aldo Sambrell), she becomes possessed by the vengeful spirit of her dead nymphomaniac mother. Debauchery ensues as Miria gets in touch with her dark side and sets out to seduce and murder all those who ever wronged her mum. Alfonso Bresci directs 'The Beast in Space' (1980). Porn actresses Marina Hedman and Sirpa Lane star as two voluptuous intergalactic space travellers who are forced to submit to the insatiable carnal lusts of a gruesome and alarmingly well-endowed space monster.