Shameless Slasher Nasties

  |  263 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Trio of blood-splattered 1970s Italian horror films. In 'Torso' (1973), two college girls are butchered by a masked killer who leaves a scarf at the scene. Diana, a classmate of the dead girls, has seen the scarf before - but where? Her attempts to track down the culprit become more urgent as the hacksaw-wielding maniac sets about a killing spree across the Italian countryside. In 'Night Train Murders' (1975), two street punks, one cold-as-ice sex-crazed vicious bitch and two young virgins converge on a train ride to hell that will see the most unspeakable horrors committed in the name of kinky kicks. 'Killer Nun' (1978) is a classic nunsploitation melodrama about a man-hating, morphine-addicted Mother Superior suspected of murder. The star-studded cast includes Alida Valli, Anita Ekberg and Warhol favourite Joe Dallesandro.