Shangri-La: Collection

  |  Buy to Own: 16/02/2015
  |  600 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


All 24 episodes from the Japanese anime adapted from Eiichi Ikegami's light novel. In a future dystopian world which was turned into a jungle wasteland by global warming and a massive earthquake, society has been fractured, divided by the upper classes who live in luxury in Atlas, a specially built closed-off city, and those forced to live in the tough conditions outside of its walls. One of these unfortunate citizens is Kuniko Hojo (voice of Mikako Takahashi), a young boomerang-wielding girl in training to become the leader of resistance group Metal Age, who is determined to get behind the city gates and bring down the corrupt government. The episodes are: 'The Girl's Return', 'The Poison Sea of Ikebukuro', 'The Creation', 'Uber-Akihabara', 'Crazed Dance', 'Fictitious Battle Line', 'Sorrow, Love and Hatred', 'Cruel Lipstick', 'Divine Revelation of the Sun and Moon', 'Sword of the Power of Words', 'Butterfly Dream', 'Vicissitudes of Life', 'Flying Girl', 'Transfigured City', 'Straying and Defeat', 'The Mad Forest Hell', 'Tunnels On a Dark Night', 'The Two-Headed Tale', 'Tokyo Bombardment', 'Modulated Concatenation', 'Disappearance of the Holy Land', 'Eternal Bonds', 'Prelude to Collapse' and 'Our Shangri-La'.