Shaolin Temple

  |  Watch Now: 19/04/2012
  |  126 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Shaolin Temple Film Poster


The film opens with the chief Shaolin Monks realizing that time is not on their side and they must train more fighters to fight the Qing’s, the monk Hai Hsien (Shan Mao) opposes this as he is secretly working for the court. Outside many men are sitting in front of the temple waiting to be accepted in, Fang Shih Yu (Fu Sheng), Ma Chao-hsing (Tony Liu) and others, as the temple tests the will of potential students by making them wait outside for hours (perhaps days), eventually the two are accepted in a begin “training”. Fang Shih Yu becomes frustrated immediately as Shaolins method of teaching martial arts is rather obscure, except for Ma Chao-hsing who begins learning the 5 animal styles from day 1.