She, a Chinese

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  |  103 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC


Xiaolu Guo directs this Chinese drama following a young woman on a soul-searching journey from East to West. Mei (Huang Lu) has never been outside her native village in China. Longing for escape and adventure, she moves to the city of Chong-qing. But urban life doesn't work out as she expected: fired from her factory job, she ends up working at a hairdresser's, where she meets and falls in love with gangster Spikey (Wei Yi Bo). When their relationship ends abruptly in tragic circumstances, Mei is forced to move on once again. On a whim she travels illegally to London, where a heady combination of alienation and freedom draw her into a new kind of entrapment as she continues her search for a place to belong.

Contains strong sexual violence and sex
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