She Didn't Say No!

  |  Book Tickets: 15/11/2016
  |  97 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
She Didn't Say No! Film Poster


She Didn’t Say No (UK 1958, Cyril Frankel, 35mm 97mins) A film with the controversial topic of illegitimacy and female sexuality that was banned by the Irish film censor. Based on Una Troy’s novel, We are Seven, it features several Abbey Theatre actors and was all set for production in Ireland before it came under pressure and was moved to Cornwall. Set in Waterford, Bridie Monaghan is the unmarried mother of six children by different local men who all attempt to rid the town of what is seen as the social embarrassment. Whimsical treatment and the film’s reception provide a fascinating lens to view the late-1950s. Ireland and Britain, 1916-2016: A Centenary of Cinematic Conversation Picturehouse is proud to offer its screen as part of the series co-presented by the Irish Film Festival London (IFFL) and Irish Film Institute, Dublin (IFI), which charts the cultural conversation between Ireland and Britain that’s taken place on cinema screens over the past century. The series offers audiences the opportunity to engage in a cinematic conversation, and to reflect on how the people of the two countries have connected, conversed and changed over the past century through different kinds of film. You are invited to consider how films reveal as much about the state of British-Irish attitudes at the time they were made and viewed as they provide direct information about the historical and social events portrayed. Often the domestic and inner, emotional realms are as revealing as the more public and overtly political events screened. The IFFL/IFI/ Picturehouse series dovetails with co-events held at the Barbican with the IFI on Thursday 24 November and Birkbeck University Cinema on Saturday 26 November. See website for further details: